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    Regional employment rate gap

    Charting the employment rate gaps and surpluses across the UK

    We look at the employment rate gap for each region and nation of the UK, compared to the overall proportion of 16-64 year olds in work. We focus on the employment rate, rather than the number of people in work, in order to account for employment growth that is just down to an expanding population.

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    Turning Point?

    The minimum wage in 2014 and beyond

    With the National Minimum Wage (NMW) rising on October 1st, this briefing note provides some background by setting out the evolution of the wage since its introduction in April 1999.

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    Crisis and consolidation in the public finances

    OBR launched their new working paper with a seminar at Resolution Foundation

    At a seminar attended by leading economists, journalists and analysts, Robert Chote of the OBR presented their new working paper and answered questions.

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    Universal Credit

    A policy under review

    Resolution Foundation has brought together an expert panel of labour market economists, welfare specialists, employment practitioners and other experts to review the current design of Universal Credit and its likely impacts and propose changes that would make the policy more likely to support people to get into and progress in work.

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